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Producing and Using Activated Carbon

Producing and Using Activated Carbon

Activated carbon has many different uses that are beneficial to one’s health. But first, it is important to understand what activated carbon is. Activated carbon is a porous version of carbon that is processed in an activated carbon factory. It is especially used for absorption, chemical reaction, and water and gas purification. Thanks to their porous nature, they have a very broad surface area tucked into tunnels and holes all across their surfaces. And how is the activated carbon produced?

How to Manufacture Activated Carbon

Activated carbon can be produced in two ways. The first method is called pyrolysis where the curbanaceos source, which could be peat, coal, or other organic carbonaceous material is carbonized. After the carbonization, the material is oxidized or it is treated with oxygen by exposing it to CO2 or steam.


The process of carbonization usually entails taking a material that is rich in carbon and turning it to pure carbon by heating. This heating process is derived from an ancient technique that was used for making charcoal. It normally requires a highly carbonaceous material because the end material needs to be very porous in order to perform the functions meant for activated carbon. In this case, a carbon-rich material is put in a small furnance and heated to extreme temperatures that peak at 2000 degrees celsius. What usually remains is 20-30 percent of the weight that was used at the beginning which consists mainly of carbon and a tiny percentage of inorganic ash.

The moment the porous form of carbon is ready, it is required to go through oxidation to make it absorbent – and that usually occurs in either one of two ways” Chemical or gas treament.

The gas treatment is done directly by heating the material in a chamber while gas is channeled in, while the chemical treatment is done by bathing the material in acid or other chemical.

Activated carbon has many uses and it is beneficial to understand how it is prepared.… Read More..

M1&Co Licensed Level 2 Electricians with Services in Wollongong

M1&Co Licensed Level 2 Electricians with Services in Wollongong

M1&Co Electrical is a company based in Australia that offers licensed and level 2 electrician in wollongong and other areas. In different states across Australia, there are some major electircal works that are only allowed to be worked on by professionals who have certain qualifications. In order to work near or on Endevour energy networks, handle live wires, use metering equipment, and more there needs to be a Level 2 Certified electrician.

M1&Co Electrical offers high performing, trusted Level 2 accredited service providers in Wollongong and the Illawarra with guaranteed quality work. They are able to install overhead and underground cables, can make connections and disconnections between high voltage cables, and also can help with upgrades and metering to pole and pillars. They can also relocate switchboards, execute mini excavations, trenching, and cable and fault locating.

Not only will M1&Co Electrical guarantee all these services at a great cost, but they will always provide the highest standard of Level 2 electritions for all clients and will be flexible, freindly, and work around their schedules. Furthermore, they offer free quotes and advice with no obligation to carry through with a job. They can also assure their customers that they abide by all of the latest and updated health and safety standards in Australia. This all comes from years of getting to know the ins and outs of the elctrical industry both in Wollongong and surroundign suburbs but also all throughout Australia.

With a wide range of capabilities and skillsets, Level 2 electricians are neccessary for ensuring that a community meets all of it’s electrical needs. If you are looking for a home improvement, or need residential, commercial, or even industrial services then M1&Co Electrical is the right place to find a high quality and trusted Level 2 electrician. You will not regret choosing this company.… Read More..

We Booked the Same St Ives Cottage Again

We Booked the Same St Ives Cottage Again

My family and I take a nice holiday every year. Usually my wife or I will select the destination, but our 15 year old daughter asked if she could have input for our holiday last summer. Knowing we could veto it if it was not a good plan, we agreed. She told us to look at a cottage that she had found when she was browsing, and I had to admit that she did pick out a winner. We had never been to St Ives even though we had all heard lots of good stories about it from others who have taken a holiday there.

The particular cottage that she had looked at was really nice. It had three bedrooms. The lower level housed the master bedroom and bathroom, and the upper level had two bedrooms with a shared bath. The pictures were gorgeous, and we decided to book it on the spot since we knew it would not last long if we waited. When we arrived, I saw that the pictures did not do the cottage justice at all. The rooms were bright and large, and the decor was really nice. I really liked how spacious everything was, as it made it so much more inviting to be there.

I was glad that it had a state of the art kitchen because even though we would eat out several times, we also wanted to have some quiet nights in where we could just enjoy being with one another. We all have such busy schedules at home that this was a rare treat to just spend entire days and evenings together, playing games, listening to music and just talking. We spent a good amount of time on the beach too, and I know that it will not be our last trip to St Ives. We already booked the same cottage for this upcoming holiday season!… Read More..

Alternative Singapore Corporate Secretarial Compliance

Alternative Singapore Corporate Secretarial Compliance

When starting a new business venture in Singapore as in any foreign country staying compliant with applicable government regulations can be challenging. The key to meeting these challenges is to have either a knowledgeable person on staff or to hire a reputable corporate secretarial service.

What are the Duties of the Corporate Secretary?

Secretarial services in Singapore take the place of an individual in making sure that the company is doing everything which is legally required by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), the agency which governs reporting compliances for corporate businesses in Singapore. The corporate secretarial service takes over the responsibilities to manage and record share transactions, record and document the minutes of board meetings, record and document the minutes for general shareholder meetings and other duties rule compliance activities that an individual holding the office of corporate secretary would perform.

Routine Tasks Handled

The secretarial service will handle the routine tasks which must be performed to stay compliant such as maintaining the corporate minute book, reporting as necessary directors, managers, auditors and share transfers. The service will also be responsible for filing the company’s annual reports and interim statements with the appropriate agency, as well as preparing the director’s report and ensure safe custody and use of the corporate seal.

Qualifications of the Corporate Secretary

To be in compliance with the Singapore Companies Act a company must appoint a corporate secretary or in the alternate a corporate secretarial service within the first six months of its corporate existence. That being said the corporate secretary is required to be a permanent resident of Singapore and hold one of the three required passes (Employment, Dependent or Entrepass). The corporate secretary must also have a professional pin which requires the possession of a level of knowledge deemed appropriate by the ACRA.

You will want to make sure that any service that you hire meets these requirements and has a solid reputation in the field to ensure that your company is in compliance with Singapore corporate regulations. … Read More..

Why I Like to Play Online Poker

Why I Like to Play Online Poker

I have always been a risk taker. I have jumped out of planes before, and one of my favorite things to do at least once a year is bungee jumping with friends. I have a motorcycle as opposed to a safe car because I want to experience life to the fullest. That is why I play PKV Games too. It would be much cooler if I won a lot more than I do, but that is part of the gambling world. Still, I do not do too poorly because I use a gaming site that is fair and where the house does not always win.

That is something my parents have always told me, that the house always wins. They told me they don’t like to see me throw my money away like that, but that is exactly the point. I am not throwing it away! If I constantly lost, then I would agree with them. But, I win a fair bit too. I may like risks but I am not the type to want to lose every time or nearly every time. I know some poker sites are like that but the one I use is definitely fair to people who use it.

The house does win a lot. But, I win a lot too. So, that does make it fair in my eyes. I also like the variety of games that I can play. It is not boring at all because there are so many different gaming rooms. I don’t even have to stick with just poker. I have recently started playing domino 99 there, and it has been pretty addicting! I just really enjoy playing here because it is relaxing yet exciting at the same time. It is definitely risky, but it is a fun risk that I plan on doing for a long time to come. … Read More..