Why Serviced Apartments are a Better Choice Than Hotels for Families

Why Serviced Apartments are a Better Choice Than Hotels for Families

If you and your family are planning a holiday, you may have been looking at the best places to stay. Rather than only looking at hotels, why not consider a serviced apartment? Often, these can be a much better choice. Below we look at the many benefits of a serviced apartment, rather than a hotel, for your next family holiday.

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If you have older children, getting a family room in a hotel can take away their privacy, and yours. It may be that you can’t afford to put them in their own bedroom, or they aren’t quite old enough. When choosing a serviced apartment, you can get as many rooms as needed so that everyone can have their own private space, alongside a communal area to share. Likewise, if one of your children is a teenager, it can be pricey paying to put them in their own hotel room. To make sure everyone is happy with the sleeping arrangements, choose a serviced apartment.


If you want to take the whole family on holiday with you, many serviced apartments are pet friendly. If you are taking a holiday which includes lots of walking or hiking, being able to take the dog with you is a great option. This also cuts down the costs of kennels if you don’t have any family or friends that can look after your pet. For many children, being able to take their pet on holiday with them provides more excitement.

Ability to Cook

As a family, eating out at restaurants or even visiting the hotel bar can be costly. If you are planning on staying for a week or longer, you could be spending half of your budget solely on food. If your child has any allergies or tolerances, this can be even harder still. Serviced apartments come with their own kitchens, meaning you can eat breakfast and dinner in your apartment, and grab a light lunch whilst out exploring. If you are planning a family holiday on a budget, being able to make your own food is a lifesaver.


Often, a hotel room just isn’t big enough. If you have a few children, it is only a matter of time before fights break out. Having little space whilst in the hotel can put a dampener on the holiday for the whole family. Serviced apartments can be as large as needed, to ensure everyone is comfortable.


No matter where you choose to go in the UK, there are serviced apartments available in stunning, city-centre locations. When on holiday as a family, trying to arrange transport to and from the city centre can be expensive and time-consuming. Dream Apartments have serviced apartments across the world, with many in the best locations. Check out Northern Ireland Chamber Of Commerce for more information. Choosing a serviced apartment can save you money and allows you and your children to have plenty of space and privacy. If you are travelling on a budget, having your own kitchen is a must. When looking for your next family holiday, search for serviced apartments in the area.

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